Story of the Bored cats boat club.

There are lots of cats on the Internet. We see them doing many silly or funny things. Some cats become famous and some become the subject of memes. Reading the paper one day a cat thought they should buy a boat. Just a normal thing humans to do with money really. Not many cats like to go for a swim. So cats in boats seemed like a very good idea. Other cats took notice and also wanted to buy things. We started the Bored Cats Boat Club as a place for cats to hang out, relax and show off their outfits. Members of the club are

Going Ape over NFT’s

Have you seen all those apes down from the trees hanging at the yacht club and wearing funny hats. WTF is that about then? The cats normally wear the hats. The umans cant get enough now and are starting to make some serious bank of selling pics of those big monkeys. Now there are lots of other animals dressing up and selling pics of themselves. New furry traders selling nice finance tokens. Famous umans are now choosing pics of animals that look like them and using them as their avatars on socials like twit face and insta book. Take some art, carbon and some math and mash it together to make a NFT. The art can be any thing. Maybe not even art or not even good. Who decides that anyway. If its art or if its good. We just need to agree that its a thing and then mint it.


Seems like it creates a lot of carbon when some one makes an NFT. The whole minting and then trading them is just a massive number puzzle that takes a lot of computer power to work out and track it all on the block chain. I thought having a 700 watt power supply in my desktop was awesome to run a 1060 GPU. Now I hear story's about a group thats got their own coal fired power plant hooked up as their power supply to mine some coins. Maybe thats not awesome. A totally not funny, That escalated quickly moment.

This site is satire or as we say on the inter-webs for the lolz.
We do not offer any financial advice or suggest any one invest in anything.
Obviously we are not qualified to do so like those celebrity's with millions of followers. See that is a joke.